Studio has weird interactions with other apps

I’ve neglected posting about this because I don’t think roblox has a responsibility to interact well with other apps, but now several apps that I use stop working when used with roblox studio. Maybe the fix is as simple as changing some config option.

  • Since forever, when controlling the mouse through Steam Link, if the mouse goes over the roblox studio window the mouse will stop responding to input through the steam link. I have to use my physical PC mouse to move the mouse out of the studio window before I can move it through Steam Link again.

  • Since forever, Discord push to talk doesn’t activate when studio is focused. It looks like Discord doesn’t receive the key press.

  • Just starting tonight: Gyazo doesn’t work with studio anymore. If you start the capture region drag from outside of studio it works, if you start from within studio it just closes without capturing anything. This makes it significantly harder to share images of things in studio.

This is all on Windows 10.

No other programs I use have these weird interactions. Even the roblox client doesn’t. Hopefully fixing these interactions is as simple as changing some input capture setting.


(pssst use sharex it’s better and works with studio)


Use GifCam & Snipping Tool :stuck_out_tongue:

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League of Legends doesn’t work with Studio on :roll_eyes:
And a lot of other apps…
Though personally I don’t blame studio - since my internet’s optimum download speed is 300 Kb/s. Average speed is 100 Kb/s,

(psst, lightshot and LICEcap :wink:)

One thing for sure is that I can’t play any games as it seems studio just drags every single bit of processing power it has when it’s unfocused