Studio incorrectly labels Toolbox as being opened and does not retain its enabled state

Studio will often label the Toolbox as being open (the button under View is highlighted) but the Toolbox will be nowhere to be seen. The expected behavior is that the Toolbox either retains its position and enabled state on-screen, or the button should not be highlighted upon opening a place.

Today when I went to work on one of my on-going projects in Studio. When the file was finished opening. The view bar labeled the ToolBox as being open. However the problem is: It wasn’t anywhere to be seen! I clicked the button to close it and reopen it, and it reopened in the place it should be when it is open in Studio.

I closed ToolBox again and reopened the place file. The bar once again labeled ToolBox as being open. This will happen with any place file and cloud edit place. It can be reproduced with a baseplate (new file).

Video of issue:


I can atest to this, the issue is still happening and actually happens with the terrain editor as well.