Studio instantly crashes on launch on my Win10 setup

Roblox Studio will automatically crash without an error message.

I can’t access studio at all, here is a gif showing what it looks like. After it pops up nothing else happens:


System specs:

Log file:

log_DB1C8_1.txt (1.7 KB)

Things I have tried:

  • Updating drivers
  • Restarting OS
  • Disabling anti-virus and firewall
  • Reinstalling as administrator
  • Removing Roblox files

I had this issue as well, I reinstalled many times, and did everything you have done. After a while, it ended up fixing itself, I don’t know if I accidentally did something but I reinstalled and ran as an administrator probably a good hour or so after it happened and it fixed itself.

Kind of weird issue. Studio seems to crash without generating the dump file. And I could not find your crash records in our system.

Just send you a message, please try to manually collect Studio crash dump and share with me:-)

The issue was that my “Documents” directory was missing. After I corrected that everything worked perfectly.

Thanks for sharing your dump file, and glad to know we found the reason for your Studio crash:-)

And recently, we did receive several reports when Studio crashes without any dump file generated, or no error message box, or no records from our crash report system.

For developers, if found any above cases, please feel free to contact us. We will try to investigate it:-)

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