Studio is frozen and flickering

I can’t tell if this is a bug, or something that I’m doing that is causing this to happen. I’m gonna put it here now and then if it’s a bug, I’ll send it off to bug reports.

When I try to open a game on roblox studio, it does this:

I cannot move or select any items in the main window thingy, but I can select items and edit scripts from the explorer. This is not happening with any other of my games and my teammate is having no issue opening the same place either.

First off try closing out of Studio and then opening it again.
It may just be a glitch in your system since your teammate isn’t having the issue.
If it persists then try uninstalling and reinstalling Roblox Studio.
If you are still having issues then report it as a bug.

I’ve already done that. it’s still an issue.

now it’s doing this :l

Are all of your drivers up to date? Specifically graphics drivers?

What are the specs of the computer you’re using?

I’m on a macbook pro 2020 (intel) :pensive:
and I’m on big sur rn :>