Studio is missing components at CorePackages after reinstalling

Yesterday my computer had a problem where I had to format it, when I reinstalled roblox studio I noticed that the topbar would not load during testing and there was a message on the output.


When trying to play an existant game in studio or load a new baseplate, this error would also appear:


This bug happens everytime in roblox studio.
I’ve tried reinstalling multiple times, and this issue still happens to me even after updating.

Steps to reproduce all error messages:

  • Start a new place on roblox studio or load an existant place
  • Press play, the topbar and pressing esc to open/close it will not work


This bug started happening Feb 1, 2020 for me, the current version being used when this bug is happening is 0.417.0.376966


EDIT: After a recent update on studio, the topbar returned but the error message about the LocalizationTools still happens after pressing play.


The same thing is happening to me too, do you know a way to fix it yet?