Studio is pitch black

Hello, I need help with Studio because I have ran into something I’ve never ran into, it seems that whenever I open Studio, it’s weirdly lag a little bit which is normal but when I click on a place or make a new one it loads into the baseplate only for it to be black and the baseplate to have no texture as no texture on the spawn block, now I really don’t know what’s going on and I have gone on different places and keep seeing this problem, is their anyone who can help me out?


It’s studio/roblox having problems loading assets like textures, meshes, animations. It didn’t work all day for me. I hope they’ll fix it asap.

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As mish said, there’s a good chance it’s a Studio issue - but I’m on studio now and I’m not experiencing issues so there’s a good chance it’s client-side. I would uninstall studio and reinstall it just to be safe and make sure none of your files are corrupt. If the issue persists, probably wait until tomorrow and see what is going on.

It’s possible that the default skybox has been bugged into a unchangeable void texture

This occurs with me too even while loading because it is saved on roblox. Try to save as file and check internet

I tried doing that and I found out its still happening, before deleting and redownloading the skybox was weird but after redownloading the only problem I am having now is the skybox is still black

I am having issues with studio too. For the past few days the testing/playing in studio just doesn’t work. :man_shrugging: