Studio is unusably slow & "No verified patch could be loaded" as of most recent studio update (0.604.0.6040509)

I don’t know what’s going on but as of the most recent Studio update (0.604.0.6040509), performance is so bad that the application is completely unusable. It took me a minute and 30 seconds just to load into studio, open a blank baseplate and try playtesting, after which I got kicked because “no available patch could be loaded”. This error appears in the console as well.

My computer is fast enough that I should be able to run studio and load things with no issues.



Have all beta features enabled aside from new camera controls.

No specific game, it happens 100% of the time.

RTX 3070Ti
AMD Ryzen 5 5600G with Radeon graphics
48.0 GB DDR4 RAM

Expected behavior

Studio should be fast enough that it is usable and corescripts should load.

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Hi cody,

This has been an intermittent issue with the install process for a little while, where a corrupted/missing file is making the place not load on some machines. We have a patch for this in the current installer, but that won’t help in this version (just the next one). The current remedy is to fully uninstall and reinstall. Let us know if that does not repair the issue.


Also, can you confirm if you upgraded via the “Update Now” button in Studio, or via auto update on the first start of Studio? (If you remember.). Also if you have the last log before the upgrade, and possibly an “installer” log, those would also be helpful to send over. Would be good to confirm you issue isn’t unique.


Yes, it was the update now button. I will send you those logs.

I sent you the logs. Jsyk it wasn’t unique to me, @Food4Cats was having the issue as well, which is what prompted me to make this report

I used the update now too, and that is when it happened for me, but when I reinstalled Roblox studio and installed it again, it was fixed.

This is, indeed, the solution.

I just got the error too, its so annoying
this is the 3rd time I reinstall studio

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