Studio isn't loading local plugins properly

All of my local plugins (plugins saved locally in the “Plugins Folder”) were working yesterday, but today none of them showed up in the Studio Plugin menu.

Normally, Studio executes each .lua file in each plugin folder properly and everything works fine. Today, however, from what I can gather, it is choosing to only execute the first .lua file it finds multiple times (depending on how many other .lua files are in the “Plugins Folder”).

This only became a problem today.

Here is my repro setup in the “Plugins Folder”

Here is the code inside TestPlugin > main.lua

Here is the code inside TestPlugin2 > main2.lua

Here is the Studio output whenever I start a new place with the above plugins placed in the “Plugins Folder”

As you can see, only the first plugin executes, but it executes multiple times for some reason. It seems to execute the file as many times as there are .lua files total in the “Plugins Folder”. When all of my normal plugins are in the folder, this makes it so that only one loads properly and the rest don’t show up.

Is anybody else having this issue? Are Local Plugins deprecated? I know this is an outdated system, but it seems like it is just broken, not disabled/turned off.


Thanks for the report. Looking into it. Stay tuned.


I am trying and failing to repro on Mac. I have the two attached plugins in my Plugins dir, they both load and run once each.

Folder.rbxmx (1.1 KB) Folder02.rbxmx (1.1 KB)

Some questions:

  • What platform are you on?
  • Do you have any special characters in your path? E.g. /Users/dbanks/Documents/Roblox/Bjørn
  • Do you have any Beta Features enabled?
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Local plugins are definitely still supported.


Thanks for looking into it so quickly!

I’m running the latest version of Windows 10
No special characters, here is my folder path:
I don’t have any Beta Features enabled.

What version of Studio are you running?
Should be 432:
Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 12.59.18 PM

Yep I’m on 432.

It also definitely is only executing the first .lua file it finds alphabetically.

Hrm. I can’t repro on PC either. Stay tuned…

Just for kicks can you post the test plugins that demonstrate the problem for you?

Here is a zip of the two test plugin files that get the bug to successfully repro on my end: (1.6 KB)

I put both of those folders into the folder that pops up when you hit the “Plugins Folder” button in studio, and I get the output shown in the original post.

Let me know if I can give you any other info that will help.

OK interesting. I didn’t realize these were folders.
I am used to thinking that the contents of the “Plugins” folder are either flat lua files, or rbxmx files.
What happens if you put both plugins at top level without folders?

OK we can repro it now. I have reverted the change that caused the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.
In other news, plugin code is driving me to an early grave…


It’s working again, thank you!


Thanks for posting. Good catch.


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