Studio just closed for literally no reason

Just writing code in TC and studio just closes for no reason. Session was maybe 30 minutes old. No idea what happened.

11/18/2017 5:25 PM PST

Edit: Reproduction: Studio just closed for literally no reason


Can you link the game? Maybe also include information on your setup in case it matters.

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This happened to me the other day too, it just randomly closed for no reason, I was in the middle of writing some code I believe.
Lost around an hour of work; pretty frustrating.


Just happened again…

6:33 PM

Between random crashing and data loss, the difficulty of developing on roblox is actually becoming a serious problem. More resources need to be devoted to making sure studio is usable and stable.

Edit: I tried re-opening the place and studio immediately crashed. wtf (this is a different crash than the one this thread is reporting)

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Alright, here it is. 100% reproduceable. Make a script in any place with this source:

local this = {}

local rs = game:GetService'ReplicatedStorage'

local settings = require(rs.GameSettings)
local util = require(rs.Core.Util)

local isServer = game:FindService'NetworkServer' ~= nil
local isClient = game:FindService'NetworkClient' ~= nil
local isPlaySolo = not isServer and not isClient

function this:Init()

function this:Start()

local blocks = {}
function this:Block(name, cf, r, color, label)
	local obj = blocks[name]
	if cf then
		if not obj then
			obj ='Part')
			obj.Transparency = 1
			obj.Anchored = true
			obj.Name = ('Block_%s'):format(tostring(name))
			obj.CanCollide = false
			obj.Size =, 1, 1)
			obj.Parent = workspace.Debug
			local handle ='BoxHandleAdornment')
			handle.Adornee = obj
			handle.AlwaysOnTop = true
			handle.ZIndex = 1
			handle.Parent = obj
			handle.Name = 'Handle'
			local outline ='BoxHandleAdornment')
			outline.Adornee = obj
			outline.Parent = obj
			outline.Name = 'Outline'
			outline.Color3 =, 0, 0)
		obj.CFrame = obj
		if obj then
			blocks[name] = nil

return this
  • Set your cursor to the end of line 45
  • press Enter
  • press Enter
  • press o
  • press b
  • press j
  • press .
  • studio crashes

I reiterate on my previous statement that studio needs more QA resources. Developers should not be the de facto QA. It’s a waste of my time and it makes me want to avoid using studio. For example: if I hadn’t been avoiding studio this bug would have been reported days ago, but I don’t trust studio anymore so I use it as little as possible.

At least script recovery works with this crash.

If I turn off StudioAutocompleteImprovementsV2 the crash doesn’t happen.


I think this has to do with the fancy new intellisense, which does lag for me, but the random closing doesn’t seem related, and only the crashing does.

Heads up, also seems to work with custom user tables.

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Yeah. StudioAutocompleteImprovementsV2 is the flag for that

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Just happened to me after a 4 hour session and scared the hell out of me. First time it closed completely and second time it just crashed


Thankfully it autosaved :confused:


We’re disabling this feature for now until we have a fix for this.


We’ve released a fix and re-enabled the feature. If you encounter any more issues like this with the most recent version of Studio (317) let me know!


Topic closed due to necrobumps, if this issue occurs again please create a new thread.