Studio Lag in Game

I’m having some very strange issues with studio recently. Just a few days ago, it was working fine and everything was optimal until recently. I’ve managed to narrow the problem down to my usage of lighting children in attachments childed to a union floor. For whatever reason when I approach the edge of said union, there becomes severe lag spikes occurring in game and whenever a part is dragged over there.I’ve temporarily remedied this by removing those lighting attachments but are there any other solutions or clarifications on why this is happening? I’ve included a video below showing the problem.

My pc is a custom built computer with Ryzen hardware and an RX 570 with ample RAM so there should be no hardware related issues. This seems to definitely be an issue with Roblox’s Future is Bright lighting most likely.


Have you checked for any malicious scripts in your game?
Something in that area might be copying itself and being devious like a little troll

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Lot of Parts Making a Lag In Workspace.

Enable “StreamingEnabled” In Workspace, It’s will pause itself to load the map once they, get teleported.

Hi @Nujol_Mull Check that all your models are anchored.

I remember that if you use the tools uninon in a lot of parts they can create lag, so I recommend creating models.

And, this “Lag” also occurs in the game on roblox or only on in studio?

the problem of lag on studio can also be linked to excessive graphics, you can change it from the studio settings.

Hey @Sonostrano20 ,

For whatever reason, reconstructing the union that parented the attachments containing the lights seemed to work and fix the lag. Strange.

Try not to make too many unions, they are bad for performance.

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