Studio lags to the point it breaks and doesn't load


Hi everyone, so I was on Roblox studio just now and I noticed while trying to open a place within studio on the Website and through the Application it breaks. It shows up with a spinning beach ball like effect which for Macs which I’m on indicates major lag. This bug occurs in Team Create, Group and Normal places/games. I figured I’d report it seeing as I haven’t seen anyone else report it yet from my searches.

PS: Any staff who need my analytics or anything feel free to DM me.


I’m on a MacBook Air running studio version 0.445.1.410643 which is the latest version.


  • Open a studio file in the Application or Website.
  • You should see it break.



Haven’t been experiencing this issue for myself. Studio runs fine when I open a place file as I’m running on an i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60 GHz with 8 GB of RAM & an Intel UHD Graphics 620.

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Follow the bug report requirements as you learned when you had to go through Post Approval. You are not providing your log file in a private linked-to DM as required. Do not ask staff to DM you for more information if you can provide it ahead of time.

Thanks for the report! We’ve filed this internally and we’ll follow up here when we have an update for you.


Does this issue also occur for opening local place files through Studio?

Could you go to File->Studio Settings and search for Graphics Mode in the search bar at the top. What is the value of that setting?


I was on 01 for all of the graphics. How ever I fixed this bug by deleting studio, re-downloading then reseting all the settings. If you’d like I have a few other Mac Books that I can try and recover this bug from seeing as on my Primary Mac its fixed.


This issue should now be resolved! If this issue is still occurring, please create a new topic for us to look into.


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