Studio lags whenever I select an object

This bug has been happening to me for about a week now, I think more actually. This normally happens in places with a high part count. Probably parts greater than 100, as I’ve tested this on a place with 630 parts.

(I’ve probably forgotten something in this post)

Diagnostics: ( With model )

Diagnostics: ( With other objects )

Performance: (With Model)

Performance: (With other objects)

The Same thing this time owo

I’m finding it a bit weird is that when I look at studio through the task manager, everything is normal.

Well, this issue commonly happens when the place has some laggy scripts in them, or the computer in question can not handle something in relation to the place.

Bit weird, Studio wasn’t lagging a few weeks ago :thinking:

Then it might have something to do with the new update in which case… god knows what might be causing it.

Bit of a loose end for me then really…

I seemed to of fixed the issue myself, apparently, the plugins I were using were causing this lag.


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