Studio Memory Skyrockets

I’m unsure if this is a problem on my end with lowered specs after my GPU died, but when I first start studio I get the typical 300-500 mb of memory usage within Task Manager.

After about 5-10 minutes or less, the memory begins to skyrocket to 8GB to 10GB of memory

There is almost nothing within the game, there is only Particle Images and a Character model that I use to create Particle VFX.

This is also during editing, not playing

If anyone knows if this is a memory leak or some other solvable issue, please let me know because this makes it almost impossible to work in studio.

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This could be a memory leak. I’m not experiencing this issue, so I’d recommend turning plugins off, and try to delete some parts of your game by cherry-picking and checking the memory, and then placing them back.

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There couldn’t be any part issues. There’s only texture packs with images for particles/beams on them for my vfx practice. I can try with plugins as that is the only possible solution aside from a memory leak.