Studio mouse breaking after a play test or just randomly after pressing buttons in studio

So for some reason after play testing or just doing stuff in studio the mouse changes and you’re unable to select anything in the 3d space.
This bug isn’t anything big but it keeps happening to me so often that it annoys me.


You haven’t mentioned what you’ve do to solve the issue, so here are a few things to try:

  • Close out of Studio and restart. It may be a glitch in the session of Studio you’re in at the moment.
  • Uninstall and install Studio. It may be a glitch in the version on your computer.
  • Check to see if it’s being caused by a plugin. Disable all of your plugins and see if that solves it. If it does then start adding one plugin at a time back in and testing to see if it starts happens again.
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Actually, it doesn’t break. You’d need to select one of the tools (Select, Move, Rotate, Scale). Alternate bug: tools not auto-selecting after play test


Thanks for the report! We’ll investigate and get back to you.

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Ah, I get that too.
@thirdtakeonit I think it started about 1-2 months ago.

You have no tool selected, note the tools in the “Tools” section of the “Home” tab here: None of them are selected. If you select one of them the selection behavior you’re expecting will return.

Though it’s easy to work around, you should not be able to end up in this situation. If you have steps to reliably reproduce ending up with no tool selected let us know.

The only way you should be able to end up in this situation is if you click the Select tool button while the Select tool is already selected, this will deselect the Select tool and not select another tool in case you need to have no tool selected for some reason (this is sometimes useful in plugin development and other fringe use cases).

Scratch that, I spoke too soon.

Looks like there is a new issue where this gets triggered reliably with play solo.

Thanks for the report, looking into it.


Couple questions:

  • Have you ever used the Accessory Fitting Tool in the Avatar tab of the ribbon?

  • Do you have the the updated docking system enabled in your Beta Features panel?

If not could you enable it and see whether the issue still happens with it enabled? We suspect that this only happens with the beta off.

If you come across this post and enabling the beta fixes it for you could you let us know?

Hm it seems like you’re right because whenever i have no tools selected the mouse turns to that but when i select a tool it goes away.

I’ve enabled it and the bug doesn’t seem to happen anymore i think

This would be useful to know as well.

I’ve marked this ticket as Won’t Fix for now as we believe it will be resolved by the changes in the docking beta soon regardless and we haven’t heard any additional reports of devs running into it.

If you are running into this issue:

  • Try turning on the docking beta as a resolution.
  • Please let us know here so we can reconsider whether this needs a separate fix.

I’m using the docking beta and I’ve never used the accessory fitting tool. For me the issue with the tools becoming deselected after play solo has been fixed.
Like you said it was a minimum of trouble to reselect a tool, but after 13 years of building it’s felt strange.

(I hope the docking fixes finally clear up the Studio windows moving on a second monitor every time you start another Studio session!)

This is very similar to an issue I had in November 2023. I got told the fix would roll out some time after February 21st, and since then what I have reported has been fixed, but now the cursor is still getting stuck in its ‘select’ state, triggered by other means than I used to.

Perhaps this is related to each other? Should be worth a look.