Studio Move tool input box bugs out

Bug description:
The input box for “Move” in studio’s Model tab will add to the end of the value instead of overwriting it, when selecting it.

Expected behavior:
It should be overwriting the value when you click on it, instead of adding to the value at the end when you click & type.

What are the steps that reproduce the bug?
Move your mouse cursor to the Move input box, click and move a pixel during that click. Moving the mouse (even slightly) while clicking will un-highlight the blue overwrite-selection, ruining what you were going to replace it with.

Repros 100% of the time if doing this, and happens often accidentally if your mouse is jiggly or you are moving it up to the box fast.

Where does the bug happen?
Studio, Windows 10


The video shows two attempts:

Attempt 1: the intended effect of replacing the highlighted text
(1 → 5) :smiley:

Attempt 2: adds to the end of the text, skipping the highlight that would have replaced the text upon typing.
(5 → 57 instead of the intended 5 → 7) :rage:

This is because of the mouse moving at the moment of clicking, and it clears the highlight and unintentionally adds to the end of the string, causing frustration.

When did the bug start happening?
Years ago


Its sometimes that it just randomizes the stud variations. It gets confused by it sometimes. It’s probably just the stud length that you try to put on, but it doesn’t listen. Its most likely a bug or probably just a error.

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At long last I have discovered the reason why this happens, and have updated the original post. CC @MeshOfPaul who has logged a different bug for this very box. Decimal move increment adjustments - #2 by MeshOfPaul

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Thanks! I’ll add this to the ticket to make sure we resolve this while the dev is focused on it.


Thanks! Sorry I was unable to change the title to something more specific, like “Typing new Move increment sometimes adds text to end instead of replacing”

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No problem at all.

Fun fact when I quickly made this ticket earlier this week I called it “Entering decimal point values in Move Studs is wonky” :crazy_face:


Before I forget: this was fixed and should be available in next week’s release (5/3/2023)


Thanks for the heads up! Just today I was about to post a comment asking if this had been followed up. Thank you!

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The 573 release just went live moments ago. This should be resolved for you :slight_smile:


The fix went through! Though it seems that the other part of the bug still remains: whenever you type “.125” the pointer remains at the decimal position.

It’s the bug pointed out here Decimal move increment adjustments - Bug Reports / Studio Bugs - DevForum | Roblox

Hopefully it gets fixed soon as well, thanks!

For reference, this is me typing in “.125”, and the result is “.251”


Thanks! I’ve let the team know. I think there’s still some work happening with move increments so hopefully they can touch this up with that.


Can confirm, next week’s release will have a more comprehensive set of improvements to the Snap to Grid boxes which should resolve all of the existing issues with them (uncap minimum grid snap, fix typing problems, improve handling of zero, etc).


Awesome to hear! Thanks for providing some insight, can’t wait for the improvements!

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Circling back to this bug before the thread cools down again. Seems like the bug is persisting even after yesterday’s push.

Typing decimal, 1, 2 ,3 resulted in the same bugged behavior as above.

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That’s because I hadn’t turned on the changes yet, I have now and this should be resolved for good:


The bug had been fixed some time ago. Unfortunately, it seems to have returned.

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Indeed. We needed to amend the fix because it ran into issues :frowning:, it’ll be fixed again next Wednesday.


This is still an issue in July :frowning:
move tool2

Huh, I’m not seeing the issue. What platform are you on?

The repro mentions if you move the mouse cursor while clicking, this happens. In this video I was showing it off with 100% repro rate while typing 1 2 3 4 and carefully avoiding moving the mouse for 5

In the vid I’m intentionally doing it to show it off, but it was annoying me for years how it would happen seemingly randomly, maybe 1 in 5 or 10 times, while not intentionally moving the mouse while clicking; it just happens while quickly building

Still windows 10, haven’t upgraded in this time