Studio Needs to Support Places, Not Just Games

As a Roblox developer, it is currently IMPOSSIBLE to open a place that is published to Roblox, but isn’t the start place for a game. Currently when you open studio, you are greeted with a screen that allows you to open up any place file saved to your computer or any game currently published to Roblox. The main issue here is that if the game has more than one place, you aren’t given a choice to open up any place other than the start place.

Take Flight, for example. We have a place called “Flight: Playzone” which we currently use for testing purposes. That place is within the “Flight! (Testing)” game, but isn’t the start place. I don’t see anywhere that I can choose to open it as. Clicking “Flight: Playzone” results in a white screen because that was the game created when I published the place which has had all places from it removed.

Even when I go to the recent page, the game pops up, not the place that I want.


This is the place I actually want to open up. The only way to do this currently is to go to the Roblox website, navigate to the Flight group places page, and then hit edit and wait for Studio to load. I should be allowed to open this directly from Studio like I can with the start place for any game.


Another issue I have is that you don’t have the ability to publish a place to a game, you can either publish the place to the group, or publish it as a game. The reason why this is an issue currently is because if I want to add a new place to a game, I have to publish it, go to the Roblox website, and edit the place list for a game. This is too much hassel for something that could be made much simpler and be given as an option when publishing a place.


Both of the issues you mentioned can be resolved from within Studio:

  • To open a specific place within a game, first open the game which contains that place and then double-click on the place in the Game Explorer.
  • To add a new place under a game, right click on “Places” in the Game Explorer and select the “Add New Places” option.

We understand that these options are hard to discover and we will try to alleviate this in future updates.


Thank you. I was just about to respond to you saying that I had no idea that was an option and that it seems like it takes too many steps to reach these options. I’m glad to hear that you guys are working on fixing this.

My main gripe about this is it opens a second studio instance instead of simply opening the new place in the current instance of studio. It should be an option, allowing the user to either open a new instance of studio when they click on a place in the game explorer, or the game will open in the current instance.

Apologies if this is unclear, I’m really tired

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I don’t like having to open two places to get to the place I want to edit. Currently, I have to open my game’s start place and then go to the place I want to edit. This opens a second studio window (I close the first), and also makes me load two different places.

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