Studio no longer prompting to save on exit

Starting within the past day or two, Studio will no longer prompt you to save any recent changes when you attempt to close the window. This is occurring on version 0.393.0.319623 and is 100% reproducable.

For those of you that have potentially run into this, it seems files you lose changes on due to this are copied to the RecentSaves folder so you can still recover any lost progress.


Duplicate of Studio Auto closing when there is an Update

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I believe this is a different issue than the other thread.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the OP means that when they leave studio and attempt close the window, it no longer prompts them to save as usual.

The other thread states that when they open a new studio program, it closes without prompting to save.



We were able to repro this perfectly. We will look into this immediately.


Even with safe studio updates enabled, studio closed my current play session when I opened a new window. It gave me a “are you sure you want to close” dialog after it had already closed my play session.

This also applies to launching from the website. For Safe Updates to take effect, you must launch places from within Studio.

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I understand that, but when I opened up a new session of studio, it closed my already opened studio and then promoted me to save my work and close or cancel. So it did ask me if I wanted to close it down to update, but only after it had already closed it anyways

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