Studio no longer saves the layout of my windows

Studio no longer saves the layout of my windows.
I am using the newest version of Roblox Studio, latest version of Windows 10, started as of yesterday (3/24/20).

What I want it to be:

What it defaults to:

I have tried changing it in test mode, changing it in edit mode, and reinstalling Studio to fix it.

Workaround Solution:


We have the exact same window layout for what we want it to be, and I’m getting the same issue. Some part of me wonders if the actual layout itself could be the issue?

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Strange… how long ago did this start for you?

I also found a workaround. My layout does not reset if I don’t enable the terrain editor widget.

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So it’s only resetting if you don’t turn of terrain tools? strange… This started happening to me quite a while back - I cannot remember the last time it worked properly to be honest.

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I’ve also noticed this a bit, particularly messing up how I have my tabs laid out in a specific area. Very annoying, but I don’t recall this always happening and seems somewhat “new”.

To be honest, I noticed this at least 2 months ago, but never thought much of it.