Studio not saving properly!?

Hi guys!
I know this is going to sound silly, but recently I have been coming back to a studio file and the last 1/2 things I changed or added have not been there!
It has been happening for quite a while now, but I assumed I hadn’t saved it or done it, but these last few days I have been double checking that I saved it AND remember exactly what I did before I saved it.

Could there be anything that is causing this?

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I noticed that when I had a place with just an AI in it and I saved it to ROBLOX once with a certain set of body colors and then saved it again with different body colors, it would only save what it was the first time.

It’s been happening to me as well. Auto-saves seem to also be suffering from this.

Are you using ctrl+S or the menu with file -> save? I might’ve had an issue with ctrl+s not working for a day

Hmm - weird.
But I’m kinda glad that it’s not just me that has got the issue! Let’s hope it gets fixed very soon!

I am using the menu -> file -> save.

This is still happening and very annoying as I had made big changes.

I come back today to find all my changes gone.

Edit: Sorry for the huge bump… just didn’t want to start a new thread!

Archivable property is true? (i dunno if that has an effect on what saves locally)

Can you send me the place file? I’ll take a look.