Studio on edit mode shows part not on the right position

I dont know how to explain it fully but when Im on edit mode the UFO u see here is positioned right above the doomspire towers but play testing ingame or run mode shows the right position supposed to be 8k studs away from spawn
Edit mode:

– not suppose to be right above the towers
Run mode:

Playtest mode:

Back on edit mode:
– its still right there!!!
Any help?

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Make sure you don’t have any position change scripts or viruses in the game. Explorer has a cool tool on the top that allows you to type things in (for example “Script”) and see all the scripts within your game. If that doesn’t work, just redo/reinsert the model or mesh or union or whatever that is.

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There isnt any script changing properties of the part I just weldconstraint this UFO to a rotating invisible Pivot

while true do --main pivot rotation

local g = {CFrame = m.CFrame*cng(0,mrd(-180),0)}

local t = tws:Create(m,tah,g)



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the select part is the anchored pivot part holding the UFO(supposed position is 8k studs away from spawn), heres a screenshot(I positioned it 8k studs away though running and then head back to edit mode repositioned the ufo back right above the towers again