Studio Panel Resizing Issue

For some odd reason, my properties panel enjoys taking up all of my screen and is too stubborn to go back to it’s sidebar-like size I originally had it at.

I can technically resize my panel to my hearts content, however when I try to stick it to another panel. It likes to horde all of my screen space. Right now I have my properties panel just floating above my Game Editor Window. Usually I have my Explorer Window on the right side of my screen like a sidebar, and other various panels on the left side of my screen. I think the video I recorded will explain this better so. I also have two monitors both different sizes. My main monitor is 1440p while my secondary monitor is only 1080p.

Visual of My Problem

Furthermore I have a slight feature request, it would be nice to have “Workspace Layouts” similar to the Adobe products. These “workspaces” remember your panel’s positions, size, and configuration and allows you to easily switch back and forth depending on the task you are performing currently. I would love this feature because most of the time I do this manually.



A current work around is to hide the studio ribbon and you should be able to dock the widget. This is still an issue nonetheless and should be fixed accordingly.


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Thanks, you are a life saver! This has been bugging me for a few days and I really could not find a work around or a fix.