Studio Pets Plugin (Prototype)

This project was an inspiration from vscode-pets by Anthony Shaw.
The Catset asset pack spritesheets were by SeethingSwarm.

I hope to use this forum for feedback and criticism in this project.

Studio Pets - Roblox


30/11/22 - Lost motivation to continue this project, please let me know if you’d like more features!

9/12/22 - Updated preview video


More interested in how you make plugins and this is just adding to that.:rofl: It’s cool, be much better if it was running around in the back of the script screen I was on atm. It says console. Are there console commands…


Adding the pets onto the script editor itself isn’t possible to my knowledge, but please prove me wrong!

I don’t plan to add console commands (like how vscode-pets) did it, but I plan on adding a UI to make modifications such as adding more pets or interacting with said pets.

This is very creative! Are you able to provide screenshots or videos of the plugin in action?

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What is this plugin meant to do?

Thanks a lot! However, I’m just remaking another person’s project in roblox.

I’ve just added a longer video demonstration in the original post.

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Nothing relating to development directly. It’s main purpose it to keep developers company when working in studio for hours.

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Ah, I thought this pet walked around the bottom of the viewport. Is it possible to do that?

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I don’t think we can modify the script viewport itself, but we can place the window like this to have a similar effect.

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This plugin is adorable, I would love to see more functionality with the cats such as being able to throw balls like the VSCode version can, however this is really cool none the less

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I’m definitely planning to add those functionalities, I just haven’t gotten a time to complete it yet. Thanks a lot for your support and suggestion!

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