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Studio Pets Plugin

What is Studio Pets?

Studio Pets is a Roblox Studio Plugin that allows a 2D animated pet of your choice to accompany you as you develop in Studio!


Basic Usage

After Installation

In the plugins tab in studio, you will find these two buttons.


Click on “Window” to open and close the main studio pets window.
Click on “Console” to open and close the command console.

Command Console

Commands are case sensitive.
A summary of these commands can be found in the console screen itself.


Spawn Pet
pet spawn {PetType} {PetName}

PetType: Type of pet you’d like to spawn. e.g. LightGreyCat, DarkGreyCat, BlackCat, etc.
PetName: Any pet name, will be used to identify the pet.

Kill Pet
pet kill {PetName}

PetName: Name of pet you’d like to kill, name can be found by hovering your mouse over the pet.

Open Menu
menu {MenuName}

Menu: Name of the menu you’d like to open. e.g. Info, Updates, Credits, etc.

Change Background
background {BackgroundName}

BackgroundName: Name of the background you’d like to change to, e.g. Hills, Forest, etc.

Toggle Quotes
quotes {show/hide}

“quotes show” would enable the quotes bar
“quotes hide” would disable the quotes bar

Toggle Auto Spawn
autospawn {on/off/reset}

“autospawn on” enables auto pet spawn on startup
“autospawn off” disables auto pet spawn on startup
“autospawn reset” resets the saved pets during autospawn


Inspiration from vscode-pets by Anthony S.
Spritesheets by SeethingSwarm

Your thoughts

Bugs, inconsistencies, typos, suggestions, recommendations, comments, I want to hear them all!

Are you using this plugin?

  • :heavy_check_mark: Yes, I love it!
  • :x: Yes, but I dislike it!
  • :blush: No, I’ve not used it!

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Would you mind adding the ability to disable auto pet spawning? Love the plugin tho.

Sorry if there isn’t auto pet spawning, it just seems like…

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Would you also mind adding the ability to disable auto pet killing? Don’t get me wrong, cool features, just allow us to disable them.

Maybe there isn’t auto pet killing, if not it might be the bug that they are running out of the screen infinitely, should also fix that please.

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You could add more customization, add interactive features and change the font to a pixel font. Also, make that the pets are often in the window,
currently, they always go out of the window and are only on the left side of the window

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The only time it auto spawns, is during startup, are you referring to that?

Currently, there’s a feature where they’ll walk towards the middle of the screen, if they’re detected out of bounds, but this can take some time to see it’s effect. Thanks a lot for bringing this to my attention!

Eventually, they should all end up on screen.

Thank you for your pixel font suggestion, but I personally prefer the current font.

It’s unlikely that I’ll add any more features as of now, due to my lack of motivation and packed schedule.

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Yea, still want to be able to disable it, i would like to have it like my own pets, don’t want it to add random pet with random names. Thank you.

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The update has been made, thanks for your suggestion!

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I love this plugin but the only i really hated is that it is paid. Why charge for 100 robux when you can easily make it free???

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I’ve also hated the idea of digital products behind pay walls, but overtime, I’ve realised that it’s necessary.

Assuming 100 robux is 1 dollar.

If I were to sell 100 copies of the plugin this year, I’d get 100 dollars!
But if I were to make it free, I’d get nothing.

From just charging 1 dollar from each person, it makes a 100 difference or more over time.

I could make it free, but that’d also discourage me from maintaining this plugin, according to Frederick Taylor’s motivation theory.

I hope you understand my argument! Thanks for speaking out!


Unfortunately I don’t have any space for this on my screen, but it’s really cute.
I love the animations, the cats, everything.

I bought it just to support your work!


I was bored out of my mind and decided to buy it (on my main account). Good just wish you could pick em’ up and throw them.


Thanks a lot for supporting! Unfortunately, these are not physics simulated, I’d have to recode the whole project from the ground up (which I might), to make these physics interactable.

I’ll definitely consider doing this when I find the time, thanks for the suggestion!

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can’t wait to have my cat have a seizure from clicking it too much


or you could just make it so your pet runs away when you click it

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I have a couple complaints

  1. It should save what pets you have/ur background, that way I don’t have to manually spawn all of them when I load studio
  2. Add dogs
  3. Keep them from wandering off screen
  4. Maybe add more interactivity?
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imo script injection is kind of sketch lol

Yeahhh I’m not sure how to get around that, I know some plugins still work without having script injection on.

I can guarantee you that there’s nothing sketchy about this plugin, but you’re more than welcome to stop using the plugin :smiley:

I always have it on, keeps my sanity sane!

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Love that you enjoy it man! Really appreciate it! Have you gotten the new updates? I’ve added dogs and axolotls :smiley: