Studio Placement Issue

So I’ve been replacing vehicles at one of my games and part of this requires moving it into an exact position and rotating it to an exact amount from the direction in which I built it. However, the problem is that it even changes the position when it is spawned which further messes up the welds in the model because I didn’t include any scripts to do that and instead relying on surfaces to be in direct contact.

Here is a picture of an example part involved in the place which it was built in:

And now, I copy and paste the whole model into my other game where it will be used and this happens:

Upon examining this problem over time, I have noticed that it gets worse each time you publish the place. I have examples of this happening where vital parts which are needed become “unstuck” from their surfaces which means that parts fall off because they are indirectly welded to the rest of the vehicle.

An examples of this can be found in the links to my Twitter below:

Try to copy + paste it into game.ServerStorage then drag it to Workspace, it keeps it together more accurately

Getting worse each time you publish is r e a l l y weird though. Make a timelapse of a bunch of uploads? lol

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I tried exactly that and it worked impeccably, thanks a lot

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