Studio play solo errors

When I attempt to play solo in my friends team create place, it will return the following in the output and the camera will be locked to where I was in edit mode.

18:34:46.661 - Infinite yield possible on ‘Players.Collect1ve:WaitForChild(“PlayerGui”)’
18:34:46.662 - Stack Begin
18:34:46.662 - Script ‘Players.Collect1ve.PlayerScripts.ControlScript’, Line 42
18:34:46.663 - Stack End
18:34:46.663 - Infinite yield possible on ‘Players.Collect1ve:WaitForChild(“PlayerGui”)’
18:34:46.664 - Stack Begin
18:34:46.664 - Script ‘Players.Collect1ve.PlayerScripts.CameraScript.RootCamera’, Line 12
18:34:46.665 - Stack End
18:34:47.274 - Infinite yield possible on ‘Players.Collect1ve:WaitForChild(“PlayerGui”)’
18:34:47.275 - Stack Begin
18:34:47.276 - Script ‘Players.Collect1ve.PlayerScripts.BubbleChat’, Line 20
18:34:47.276 - Stack End
18:34:47.320 - Infinite yield possible on ‘Players.Collect1ve:WaitForChild(“PlayerGui”)’
18:34:47.321 - Stack Begin
18:34:47.321 - Script ‘Players.Collect1ve.PlayerScripts.ChatScript.ChatMain’, Line 106
18:34:47.322 - Stack End

It’s extremely frustrating as I really need to test my client scripts yet nothing is actually replicating or yielding properly.

If anybody knows a solution or acknowledges this bug please reply!

Anybody figured anything out? It’s starting to interfere with my game updates since I cannot test them quickly enough )-:

sorry for 3 years later, did u find any solution yet? i think we could try checking if its nil, if it is then put a findfirstchild or smth