Studio "Play Solo" wait() is waiting way longer then it should


This is a bizarre issue that started happening to me a few days ago. Whenever I Play Test in studio, any and all “wait()” calls of any length [wait(1), wait(.1), wait(10), etc.] delay the code CONSIDERABLY longer than they should. The length of delay seems to be variable, but in some cases I’ve had 2 wait()'s delay the script by upwards of 30 seconds.

This occurs every time I try to play the game in test mode. I have tried restarting / reinstalling Roblox Studios. However, it seems to only occur in a few places - for me [] most noticeably. Also, the actual live / Roblox Client versions of the game experience no improper lag or timing issues.

I’m not sure what can be done to help resolve this, but it certainly is a strange behavior that is rather annoying when trying to develop a game. I’m going to keep messing around with Studio to try and see if I can find an actual cause for this [i.e. if it’s something I’m doing or a bug with the specific place, etc.]


I’ve noticed this too, this isn’t the only problem I’ve had though, e.g. the escape menu no longer works in Play Solo and also this LoadCharacterAppearance breaks SetCore


Turn off “Respect Studio shortcuts when game has focus” to fix the esc issue.


This isn’t anything new, the more you call wait() the longer each wait() takes. How often are you calling it?


Make sure DefaultWaitTime is 0.03. To debug wait calls print what’s returned by it: the elapsed time and game’s run time.

> print(wait())
0.039767084541381 4889.0698920087

Also check the Task Scheduler and Performance tools on Studio.


I’m not using wait() calls all that much [or at least no more so than in other games without the issue].
And I’ll check that out - thanks @FieryEvent


Wow. printing wait() shows this, which is probably the problem.

but LuaSettings have the correct DefaultWaitTime


Any thread could prevent the one you’re calling wait from resuming, we cannot know which one from what you posted.


the MicroProfiler may be able to help figure out what is going on: