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Many people (including myself) find portable versions of software to be quite useful. I’d love to add Roblox Studio to my collection of on-the-go software.

It seems like this would be fairly straightforward, since Roblox installs itself into AppData instead of ProgramFiles (thereby storing its configuration in AppData as well, instead of strewing files all over the Windows system like normal software). Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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You still need an internet connection, and ROBLOX will need to update itself. So you want an USB version of Studio ? Why ? It takes literally minutes ? Do you use that many different computers ?


A situation identical to portable browsers.

I often switch between my laptop and a desktop. A portable version of Studio would make it trivial to sync settings and preferences between my machines.

Not so on a slower connection, which is common if you’re on the go. And it takes much more than a few minutes to configure settings and install plugins (see above).


Alright. I get where you are coming from, but they first need to separate the ROBLOX Client and ROBLOX Studio install from each other before they can even make it portable.

Can’t really vote as all options seems bad for me.
A portable studio isn’t that useful.
It would be much more useful if the current studio works fine without internet connection.
(Yes, wouldn’t be up-to-date, but doesn’t really matter that much for studio)

EDIT: Actually voted in favor, as a portable studio would (should) work offline too.


I’ve made one before for use at school.

You just grab the ROBLOX Studio install folder and launch from there.

Yes, that works, I know.
But some stuff doesn’t work as it NEEDS internet.

Well obviously, but what do you expect ROBLOX to do when retrieving assets? Pull them from thin air?

I expect that to not work.
I’m talking more about Play Solo and stuff.

Ah, fair enough. It’d be more effort than it’s worth for them, though. A lot of stuff would have to be uprooted.

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Portable has nothing to do with whether a network connection is required. A portable app is where the application’s entire file system is stored in one directory (logically located on a USB drive) so said program can be launched on any computer without losing or changing configuration settings or installing it on the new machine.

On a side note, an offline version of Studio would work fine if Studio just cached assets and used that cache only when the network connection wasn’t available.

You can just copy the AppData folder to your USB and it’ll work fine.
Well, it’ll work as long as the PC you run it on has internet.

I don’t even see a portable version being that useful.

If you’re on the go, how are you developing? Usually when I develop I plan on having at least an hour of time to delicate to sitting down and accomplishing something. A 5 minute (which is on VERY slow internet) update wouldn’t even be bad in this scenario.

More use cases? Why do lots of people need this?


Download MEGASync or use OneDrive and sync the %\localappdata%\Roblox\ folder across devices. Even if you have a super slow connection and can’t update, you can still use an older, synced version from when your laptop was connected to the internet back at your house. The %localappdata%\Roblox folder contains plugins, studio/player (unless you installed as an administrator, in which case they’ll be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Roblox), and studio settings.

I like the idea, yet, roblox has to load everything into the USB and not store anything on the computer if this is the case.
Using a portable version would be useless if it keeps storing on appdata.

You can edit the settings to specify the plugin folder, autosave folder, recent save folder and corescript folder.
(There’s also a DefaultScriptFileDir, but it’s set to my desktop so I have 100% no idea what it is)
Only issue I can think of would be:
Does roblox load the settings (prior) from the .exe folder, or the %localappdata%/Roblox folder?

I might actually test that and post the result here in a minute (as an edit).
EDIT: Studio WILL use the .xml settings in %localappdata%/Roblox.
It’s a bit annoying, but you could just have all your computers set up to use your USB disk.
Apparently, if the folders in the settings (Plugin location etc) doesn’t exist, it’ll use the default.


It would really help me, because right now I would like to code in school (on computers), it can’t be installed (it gives me an error). (sorry for the errors, I’m French)

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