Studio Progress Deleted

I spent all day yesterday, working on this UI for my game. Stayed up until 1 am.

I published it multiple times and downloaded a .rbxl place file before I went to bed to ensure I didn’t lose it.
And yet somehow it got deleted, if anybody is able to help me get it back please let me know.

Here is what it’s meant to look like:

When I woke up it looked like this:

And no it’s not hidden or anything it’s genuinely just gone and I have no idea why.

Before you ask, I checked every version history after I finished it and it’s gone in all of them.


Just here to confirm that this did actually happen - I took part in helping with any issues and all progress is gone; if anyone can help out it’d be much appreciated!


I can confirm this happened as they were showing me their progress with the UI & it’s just suddenly gone.
I don’t understand how something like this could happen, especially in a team create session.


Are you sure someone in your team create hasn’t started using a new plugin that might have caused the save issue?
Team create auto saves so maybe that’s a bug.
I haven’t used team create in a long time so not sure what’s been updated there.
Every time I build I always make sure to save a copy to my files but I can’t remember if that’s an option for team create.

It might have been deleted if you accidentally set Archivable to false.