Studio Progress Gone Without Explanation

Hello! I’ve been extremely confused about this lately.
I am certain I saved last night, I come back to the project and all of the progress is gone! It was a lot of fiddling with module scripts and cloning and I really am trying to get it back, if you have an explanation let me know!

And yes, I have checked the auto-recovery files, nothing is there.


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When you save, do you click the X button on the Studio Window and click “Yes” to save your changes, or do you go to File > Publish to Roblox?

I do File > Save To Roblox. And it popped up with saving scripts, will close after save. I do that process many times and it has worked until now.

You did Save, not Publish?

You can try to Publish, and see if it fixes the issue.

Well, I guess there is no getting that back, I’ll just do it again…

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