Studio Random Freeze Bug On Test

Dump Files:

When I start a solo play session, studio will sometimes just freeze without crashing (no error message appears).

For some reason, when the bug happens, I can still click on some parts of the window, but the window only “updates” when I minimize and open back up the window.

Video showing the weird behavior explained above:

That bug also seems to be happening in different places (so it’s not one broken place causing the issue).

Sadly I do not have specific steps regarding how to repro, but all I know is that it happens sometimes when I playtest solo.

Yes I updated my PC/drivers, yes I use the latest Roblox studio client yes I restarted my PC.

System specs:

Thank you


This bug report is likely unactionable because you’re not following the requirements: How to post a Bug Report

  • Does this still happen if you disable all of your plugins?
  • Does this happen if you change your graphics mode in studio settings to different values (i.e. opengl)?
  • Include your log files privately as described in the requirements.

Yes it still happens if all my plugins are disabled, here’s the log files message:

Also found out that this crash happens when stopping play solo too, please send help it happens like each 5 minutes, thank you!

As requested by the engineers;

My recording software also shows 0 FPS when aimed at Roblox Studio once it freezes.


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