Studio randomly closes during team create sessions

I have been having a bug that is occurring to myself and some of my friends for at least the past month, this is specific to places with team-create enabled and happens at any time regardless of how many people are present.

I will be building in studio normally and everything operates fine, until suddenly the screen flashes white, the game attempts an autosave, and then studio closes saying that it has lost connection to the team create session. The window gives me the option to reconnect, which upon clicking does not work 100% of the time. I usually have to close studio and reload the team create place from the roblox website.

It has also happened while two of us were in the same session, it kicked us both at the same time and gave us issues with attempting to reconnect. The game does not autosave the most recent changes before closing, leaving us to start off from a 5-minute old autosave.

I’m not sure what other information I can provide.


I’m having the exact same problem. Autosaves aren’t up to date, it just randomly flashes white and crashes.

Even if you’re the only one currently in the team create. Even if it gives me an option for a local copy, I have a 3% chance of getting the copy after clicking it.

It’s very ridiculous and isn’t only in one game. We’ve moved games so many times, and it still occurs. We’re at the point where we just build offline, then throw our creations into the main game, and believe me, this is a terribly long process which is annoying and time consuming.

It’s ridiculous and needs to be fixed.


Could you share the log & dump files when the crash problem occurs, which can be found in below location.

AFAIK, for some large game, we are having some issue for the autosave due to out of memory. And currently we are working on the 64bit upgrade, hopefully can help Studio to work with large game. After getting the log & dump files, we will check if it is the similar issue.

Thanks a lot for your helps!

I have this issue and it’s extremely frustrating. But it only occurs in big games.

I’ll grab this for you the next time it happens.


This is the newest file present that was from about 10 minutes before the crash.

1539667512.02061,315c,6 FetchClientSettingsDataBlockingWithExceptionOutput group “ClientAppSettings”
1539667512.27071,315c,6 LoadClientSettingsFromFetchedString group: “ClientAppSettings”
1539667512.27271,315c,6 LoadClientSettingsFromLocal group: “ClientAppSettings”
1539667512.29962,315c,6 Loading AppSettings.xml from C:\Users\Fugitive\AppData\Local\Roblox\Versions\version-8ef03b85fc3e4eab\AppSettings.xml
1539667512.30062,315c,6 setAssetFolder content
1539667512.82227,315c,6 CrashReporter Start
1539667512.82227,02e0,6 WatcherThread Started
1539667512.82327,315c,6 Initializing CrashEvent request, url:\Users\Fugitive\AppData\Local\Roblox\logs\log_0E533%200%2C%20358%2C%200%2C%20246716.Client.crashevent
1539667512.98093,315c,6 Error: Important !Loading shader files
1539667512.98193,315c,6 Info: Initializing new game
1539667512.98492,315c,6 account = UA-43420590-14, schedule = 500
1539667513.15663,315c,6 D3D11 Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
1539667513.15763,315c,6 D3D11 Adapter: Vendor 10de Device 1b81 VRAM 3072 RAM 1023
1539667513.15763,315c,6 Caps: ThreadSafe 0 Framebuffer 1 Shaders 1 Compute 1 Instancing 1 ConstBuffers 1
1539667513.15763,315c,6 Caps: Framebuffer: MRT 8 MSAA 8 Stencil 1
1539667513.15763,315c,6 Caps: Framebuffer: Depth16 1 Depth24 1 DepthFloat 1
1539667513.15763,315c,6 Caps: Texture: DXT 1 PVR 0 ETC1 0 ETC2 0 Half 1
1539667513.15763,315c,6 Caps: Texture: 3D 1 Array 1 Depth 1 MSAA 1
1539667513.15763,315c,6 Caps: Texture: NPOT 1 PartialMips 1 CubeMipGen 1, CubeFramebuffer 1
1539667513.15763,315c,6 Caps: Texture: Size 16384 Units 16
1539667513.15763,315c,6 Caps: ConstantBufferSize 65536
1539667513.15763,315c,6 Caps: 32bIdx 1
1539667513.15763,315c,6 Caps: ColorBGR 0 HalfPixelOffset 0 RTFlip 0 MinusOneToOneDepth 0
1539667513.17974,315c,6 Video memory size: 2147483648
1539667513.18577,315c,6 Loaded 330 shaders from pack d3d11 variant default (496348 bytes)
1539667513.18577,315c,6 Compiled 165 shaders in 6 ms
1539667513.25134,20d0,6 PlaceLauncher URL :
1539667513.73457,1fa0,7 NetworkClient:Create
1539667513.75244,1fa0,6 ! Joining game ‘28c27b89-2542-453c-b14f-68649268789e’ place 691884101 at
1539667513.75244,1fa0,7 Client:Connect serverPort(63457) clientPort(0) threadSleepTime(-1)
1539667513.76535,1fa0,6 Connecting to
1539667513.76535,1fa0,7 Connecting to server, IP(inet_addr): 2852310632 Port: 63457
1539667513.83244,3538,6 Connection accepted from|63457
1539667513.83244,3538,7 serverId:|63457
1539667513.83244,3538,7 Replicator created for player|63457
1539667513.83244,3538,7 Replicator created: 1B4F9600
1539667513.83244,3538,7 Time to disconnect replication data close=0: 0.003413
1539667513.95403,3538,7 Time taken to initialize schema = 1.489917 ms
1539667514.04989,04bc,7 Join snapshot timer: 0.056320
1539667519.11702,06d0,6 Warning: Infinite yield possible on ‘RobloxReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild(“GetServerVersion”)’
1539667519.11702,06d0,6 Info: Stack Begin
1539667519.11702,06d0,6 Info: Script ‘CoreGui.RobloxGui.Modules.Settings.SettingsHub’, Line 56
1539667519.11702,06d0,6 Info: Stack End
1539667519.18257,15a8,6 Warning: Infinite yield possible on ‘Players.XeliaPrime:WaitForChild(“PlayerGui”)’
1539667519.18257,15a8,6 Info: Stack Begin
1539667519.18257,15a8,6 Info: Script ‘ReplicatedFirst.IntroGiver’, Line 3
1539667519.18257,15a8,6 Info: Stack End
1539667530.20712,3408,6 10 kts
1539667530.38299,3408,6 Info: TestService: Basic Admin Essentials 2.0 | | Prefix: “/” | Act. Prefix: “!”
1539667534.22200,06d0,6 wykryto zmianie
1539667546.46115,25fc,6 Error: Image “” failed to load in “Workspace.RNLIbase.Union.Decal.Texture”: Request failed
1539667548.05603,2adc,6 Error: Image “” failed to load in “Workspace.OfficeBuilding1.Part.Texture.Texture”: Request failed
1539667561.34760,01c0,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown false
1539667561.81673,1fa0,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown false
1539667562.51538,06d0,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown false
1539667564.20269,01c0,6 kamera8
1539667565.14643,15a8,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown false
1539667565.39695,3538,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown false
1539667565.96941,3408,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown false
1539667566.56493,15a8,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown false
1539667570.34772,01c0,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown true
1539667572.47351,3538,6 menu effect 3
1539667572.47351,3538,6 menu jest
1539667575.43045,2f50,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown true
1539667575.53029,2f50,6 Cancel
1539667576.05063,3408,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown true
1539667576.10450,1fa0,6 menu effect 2
1539667576.10450,1fa0,6 menu effect 1
1539667576.10450,1fa0,6 menu effect 4
1539667576.10450,1fa0,6 SpawnButton
1539667577.86442,15a8,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown true
1539667579.03024,06d0,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown true
1539667579.89657,06d0,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown true
1539667581.09880,15a8,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown true
1539667581.51268,3538,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown true
1539667587.16397,2f50,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown true
1539667587.28036,06d0,6 Accept
1539667588.64662,06d0,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown true
1539667591.01450,1fa0,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown false
1539667591.59594,15a8,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown false
1539667592.09773,3408,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown false
1539667595.48012,1fa0,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown true
1539667596.70845,3538,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown false
1539667597.21297,15a8,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown true
1539667597.99687,3408,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown true
1539667601.19688,2f50,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown false
1539667602.28001,2f50,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown false
1539667605.89513,06d0,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown false
1539667606.12964,2f50,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown false
1539667607.11159,15a8,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown true
1539667607.19639,04bc,6 menu effect 1
1539667607.42742,1fa0,6 ognia
1539667607.43044,1fa0,6 menu rzest
1539667607.69757,1fa0,6 urgent spawnTris
1539667608.07966,1fa0,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown false
1539667609.81396,2f50,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown false
1539667611.49582,06d0,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown true
1539667611.78337,1fa0,6 price: 1100000
1539667613.74664,3408,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown true
1539667614.01557,2f50,6 price: 700000
1539667615.28002,3408,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown true
1539667615.54941,01c0,6 price: 12000
1539667618.16743,3408,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown true
1539667618.26261,1fa0,6 Confirm
1539667618.33208,04bc,6 money
1539667618.93240,15a8,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown true
1539667618.99587,1fa0,6 Cancel
1539667619.06294,15a8,6 Enum.KeyCode.D false
1539667619.56260,01c0,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown false
1539667619.71231,06d0,6 Enum.KeyCode.W false
1539667620.89491,2f50,6 Enum.KeyCode.A false
1539667621.79267,15a8,6 Enum.KeyCode.Unknown false
1539667622.17943,2f50,6 Enum.KeyCode.S false
1539667622.97749,2f50,6 Enum.KeyCode.A false
1539667623.62848,3538,6 Enum.KeyCode.LeftAlt false
1539667624.77927,2f50,6 Enum.KeyCode.F4 false
1539667624.79631,315c,7 Client:Disconnect
1539667624.82738,315c,7 Time to disconnect replication data close=1: 30.968826
1539667624.82738,315c,7 Sending disconnect with reason: -1
1539667624.85545,3e74,7 Connection lost
1539667624.85545,3e74,7 Connection lost: connectMode: Disconnect ASAP, timeMS:23091154, connectionTime 22980113
1539667624.85545,3e74,7 Connection lost: AckTimeout 0, IsOutgoingDataWaiting 0
1539667624.85545,3e74,7 Disconnection Notification. Reason: -1
1539667625.01230,315c,7 Replicator destroyed: 1B4F9600
1539667625.01329,315c,7 Sending disconnect with reason: -1
1539667625.84798,315c,7 Client:Disconnect
1539667625.88603,315c,7 NetworkClient:Remove

Hi, Xelia4,

I am sorry for missing your reply.

I did not see the crash message from the log, the beginning message like “Initializing CrashEvent request” is just for Studio initialization.

And if Studio crashes, under your “C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Roblox\logs” folder, there would be some .dmp file, which can actually help us figure out why Studio crashes. If finding any one when crashes occurs, please share with us:-) Thanks a lot!