Studio randomly starts multiplayer session after playtesting

Reproduction Steps

Unable to reproduce since it happens completely randomly. It happens on any device and from what i’ve seen only works in team create. I suspect that it may be due to a small 2 second BindToClose delay.

This is what i mean by “multiplayer session”

Expected Behavior

I expect that the multiplayer testing session does NOT launch without me clicking the “start” button

Actual Behavior

it randomly launches the session after testing locally.


There is no workaround.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


I’ve been working for around 25 minutes and it has happened to me twice. I need this to be fixed. Please :broken_heart:


WHAAT, Is it really a bug?

It happened to me several times too, and I thought I had accidentally touched something

I realize what happens when the windows firewall Suddenly prompt me for permission to gave Roblox Studio access to the network.

It males a lot of lag, then i hit the X until it closes and I continues with what I was doing as if nothing had happened.

Hope it Will fixed,



I fixed the issue by changing the TestService.ExecuteOnStudioRun to false. Though, this might not work in your case. Try running studio as an administrator and see if that fixes the issue.

Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Hello. Is there an update on this? It appears that I have been encountering this much less but it still happens every once in a while.

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This still happens to me, about 3-5 months ago.
I’ve removed all plugins and reinstalled Studio multiple times.
Has anybody found the fix yet?
(Shamelessly Necroposting because I desperately need a fix, I literally can’t test anything that a bootleg iPhone can’t play, because it will run 3 screens).
Valve, please fix


Hi, if someone experiencing this could post logs, that would help us figure this out.