Studio Regularly Gray Screens when play-testing

I am currently experiencing this on Windows 10 with an i7 7700k. In certain Place files, Studio is nearly unusable as about 80% of the time I launch the file, this bug occurs, and nearly every time I finish play testing this bug occurs.

This is still happening and I have to close studio and reopen to be able to test my game.

You’re not alone on the bus, I’ve been experiencing this bug a lot recently as well. It usually just goes away by stopping and then playing again though.

For me, after play-testing the viewport frame disconnects and gets sent to back. No way to fix.

another workaround to this is grabbing the top of the studio window and moving it out and back into full screen. not practical in the slightest but it also works

THANK YOU FOR MENTIONING THIS. This has literally been driving me up the walls man. I ripped my wallpaper, I beat up my monitor, and even punched a window open. ALL OVER THE STUPID BUG BRO. When this bug appears, all I see is pure rage. I mean pure anger, once I got so mad over this bug, I literally ripped a piece of my hair out.

This bug will do bad things to me bro and I just can’t help it. I hope Roblox will fix this bug sometime soon because IT SUCKS just having to close the play test and REOPEN IT just for the thing to work. I wish I can just solve this really bad problem I have.

I have really bad anger problems so little things like this get to me. Sometimes just thinking about this bug makes me go crazy for coco puffs (not for the cereal) It just drives me freaking insane. My parents did try taking me to a therapist but unfortunately it didn’t help at all. After I tried to tell him about the bug, I punched him right in the nose and broke it. The Therapist said, “Why would you do that?!?!? GET THE HELL OUT OF MY OFFICE! YOU ARE ALL BANNED.” Roblox really needs to fix this before my anger problem goes too far. Im begging you Roblox, just please patch it.

Although this is a tiny bug, I will get really really mad when I see this type of stuff.


I think the main issue is just the Studio window docking in general. As you know, some docks attempt to close when you play test, and I think that’s the cause of the issue. My personal fix that works every time is simply opening & closing the Terrain Editor.