Studio resizes larger than my screen after loading place

I just noticed today that the Studio window now automatically resizes itself a little bit too large vertically out of the bounds of my monitor when I load a place. This happens regardless of if the window is maximized or not, and only happens the first time you load a place after opening Studio.

This seems to be caused by StudioFixWidgetMinimumSize which was enabled about an hour and a half ago. Toggling this with CT’s Studio mod manager suggests this flag is causing the issue.

I have two monitors, my primary resolution is 1920x1080 and my secondary resolution is 1360x768.
My GPU is a GTX 1070.

This doesn’t happen to my friend who has the same resolution as me (1920x1080) but only one monitor.

This is printed in the output widget:


Also I'm really not a fan of this gigantic minimum size. Please don't do this. Some developers have small resolutions, and this is really uncomfortable on a 720p screen when you're trying to work alongside other windows.

This is the minimum size on my secondary monitor.


Thanks for the report and feedback. Flag has been reverted.


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