Studio runs the game better?

Basically, my game runs no problem in the studio, but it perform worse when it’s published, is this supposed to be a thing?

My game in Studio:
My game in Player:

The clone isn’t a player, I just made it to simulate a duel, and test out the frame dropping

Depends on what you mean by that. Latency between server and client can be a lot higher when you are connecting to an external server. But if you mean your frame rate is significantly lower then that isn’t really supposed to happen. You should double check that your graphics settings are set to the same thing in studio as they are in game if that’s the case. Other than that they should be relatively close together in terms of performance.

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Check your editor quality level. It might be because your Roblox Studio has a lower quality than Roblox Player.

It might also be because you have set Roblox Studio’s priority higher than Roblox Player on Task Manager.

My graphic settings are the same, I even make the Player’s settings alot lower it still doesn’t work, the frames are still dropping. :frowning:

Where can I check that? Editor quality level. And I don’t think its a pc thing, it runs every other roblox games fine, and frame drops only happens in specific timings, though they don’t in studio.

Is it just the one place that’s effected? Or do Roblox template places do the same thing?

they do the same thing basically, I got multiple projects before that experienced the same issue, it just hit me right now that maybe I should call for some help

It’s located in Studio Settings.

Another thing to consider is that Roblox’s servers are rather weak. When testing in Roblox Studio, the server is running on your computer, which likely has better allocation than Roblox’s servers.

In short, you’re probably making the server do more work than it should. Some things to note are that animations should only ever be done by the client. The server should only have to handle small things such as signals and secure data.