Studio save will not load when opened

A detailed description - I expect that my file when opened in studio will load the place. However, this is not the case and every time I open it it fails at around 40 percent loading and gives me the following error with the incident ID 7439240973430976414; “readData error: OK 0 bad 0 fail 1 gcount 33554384 readsize 96126611 offset -1 flength -1 freeKB 776032.000000 << compressed data << chunk#0 data”

Where it happens - ROBLOX Studio
When it happens - Upon loading a specific save file, started having this issue on the 10th January and it only occurs when loading the file and does not effect anything else.
error 1
Reproduction file and logs will have been sent in a DM linking back to this thread

  • Open the file
  • Wait until the error comes up

We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and will come back as soon as we have updates!

Thanks for the report!


Same thing happened to me when I was working on something, what happened seemed to come from a model but I’m not sure why or how. Hopefully I can start again working on my save.

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Hi all, we’ve made some improvements in loading recently, trying to see if these errors are still occurring since this was filed.

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Thanks for your reply, I’m still getting the error after opening the file today with the same message and incident ID 631040997708844862