Studio Script Editor - Fold Glitch (send help)


Open a script and create 2-3 blocks:

function hi()

if true then
print(191*7 / 1.61803)

Close first fold, open first fold. No problems.
Close first fold, close second fold, open second fold. Problems.
Close first fold, close second fold, open first fold. No problems.

Basically, once I close the first fold, I can’t close other fold without it glitching up. I can still continue to open and close the first fold though.

If you play around with it, you’ll notice how it sometimes work and sometimes doesn’t, or it will work break differently.

This has existed for a while now. Thought someone reported this. Seems that nobody uses that nice fold hider.

EDIT: After messing with it, all the fold above the one you close works okay, but not the bottom ones. If you click a fold higher than the first fold you closed, it becomes the “base line” where everything below it breaks.


Oh yeah, I’ve seen this before.

Does that also mean “I’ll casually notify someone in the department about this.” qq

I think I’m going bald quicker because of this.

I will submit a report for this right now.


This still exists and it’s pissing me off like crazy. qq My hair is nearly gone.

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This bug hasn’t been fixed and it’s too late, my hair is gone. Now I need something else to destroy in frustration…

I remember submitting this a year ago. I believe this will be fixed next Studio release.


Thanks Who ever is working on fixing it, but what took it so long? :joy:

Like Seriously…

Imagine a database with thousands of small issues, several tens of large scale features that also need to be worked on right now, many more in the backlog that are also important, and a relatively very small amount of engineers and interns to work on all of these things at once.

EDIT: suggest continuing discussion in a more on-topic thread, if needed.