Studio script editor not highlighting strings unless unfinished

I can confirm this is happening to me on my Macbook Pro 2017 15"

I noticed it after it updated yesterday and I thought it was a local cache thingy. When I remove one quote, it shows the string.

Highlighting in general has changed a lot and self is not highlighted anymore.

I am doing it on a new place, on a virtual machine and the bug properly replicates.
I don’t think this is a game-breaking bug.

1-2 weeks? That’s quite long of a time… This is going to destroy workflows for me and other developers. This is pretty much critical at this point. If this could be expedited, that would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

I understand it’s a lot more complicated than this, but anything to speed this would be very nice.

Edit: I’m not the only one who things this is a major issue:

Please don’t make us wait 1-2 weeks, it will destroy out workflows.


This is unacceptable. This is disastrous to work with - we cannot keep putting up with these ‘minor’ issues that literally impact work flows immensely. I work with config modules that are literally just dictionaries, and this change made it IMPOSSIBLE to read for me and my team - this is just one of the many issues I have. We cannot expect to put up with this stuff especially for 1-2 weeks, something needs to be done, whether it be a revert or an immediate fix.


No offense but that’s completely unacceptable. You can’t just push out an obviously broken thing that affects every programmer on the platform and go “okay we’ll fix it in a week or two”.

I ask again: How did this happen? Why did nobody notice this before it reached production? Why was it not behind a flag that could be easily reverted?


A temporary, albeit “half fix” is to change the “text color” to your string color preset.


This will also turn all text “string colored”, but if you can deal with it, this works.

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This should be fixed now (after a Studio restart).


Can confirm it’s fixed for me now.

Thank you!


Same here. That pretty green text is back. Thank you @zeuxcg and the team for the expedited fix.


Looks like it was actually behind a flag!

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…I guess my followup would be why would that take 1-2 weeks to flip.

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We’ve reverted a flag that had a regression. The 1-2 weeks was to send a patch in the next release, really sorry for the inconvenience everyone


Sorry for the earlier miscommunication. I didn’t realize we could fix this by flipping a flag, and I didn’t recognize how serious of an issue it is


This is still happening to me.

I made 2 threads about this problem.

Can you check what version of studio you are on? You can find this by going to File > About Roblox Studio

This is my studio information


This is still a problem for me, my studio updated yesterday and I am still having this problem.

Have you restarted studio within the past couple hours?

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Restarting fixed the issue for me, thank you!

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What beta features do you have on, if any?

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