Studio, Script Editor, Replace All button, keyboard shortcut?

What is the shortcut key for Replace All in the script editor?


I set this up, but it doesn’t work:

This shortcut will view the find/replace window, are you expecting it to change code or show the window? To get help it is important to state how it doesn’t work and what are you expecting it to do. could you explain that now?

The above image is clear. I want to do something simple that any editor does: replace all occurrences of one string with another without having to click the button using the mouse, but using a keyboard shortcut instead.

Okay, you cannot do that, the shortcut in the image only opens the find/replace window. I can’t think of any other editor (besides vim) that will do the editing of find/replace all on a keyboard shortcut because you will have to supply it with the “replace” part of find/replace. Maybe hitting enter will replace the current selection and select the next found text.

  1. Ctrl+H to open the replace window
  2. Type the search string
  3. Tab
  4. Type the replace string
  5. Press a keyboard shortcut to replace all
  1. does not exist in roblox studio.

At worst you could mash enter.

Enter will make a single replace, not replace all.