Studio Scripting Bug

So when typing a variable, then swapping it, like the gif shows, it doesnt seem to update the stuff for the next thing.

Im bad at explainin just look at the gif please.

To explain this better. When editing the last line, after setting it as “RemoteEvent”
It still shows onServerInvoke, despite it being a remoteEvent, which doesnt have “onServerInvoke”


Thank you for submitting this report. We are currently reviewing all bug reports to ensure we have not overlooked any ongoing issues. Since this issue was reported over two years ago, can you please confirm you are still experiencing the problem? If so, please respond to this thread, and we will investigate. If we do not receive any response within 30 days, we will consider this matter resolved. Thank you.

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It has been a while since I experienced it! Thanks for following up!

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