Studio session time elapsed plugin

Decided I’d share a simple plugin designed to display the elapsed time a given studio place/session has been running for.

I initially designed this for personal use, but since I recently discovered a bug and spent a considerable amount of time patching and revising the plugin, I thought it might be worth it to publish it. It’s not much really, but if people like the design, I might consider adding a few additional features (such as a detailed break-down for each studio session).


Simply install the above plugin or enter game:GetObjects("rbxassetid://4141829912")[1].Parent = workspace into the command bar and save it as a local plugin.

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A plugin like this would be quite useful for any developer who might want to demonstrate how long he might’ve been working on a project! I don’t plan to install this plugin just yet, since I’m already working on a project that’s taken me months, and is still not complete yet.

Things to Wòŕk Òń

  • Please consider adding a thumbnail to the plugin; they’re now free to upload, and have been so for a while.
  • Redo this post, but include more detail on how it works; providing screenshots is a plus. If you plan to include a lot of information, also be sure to divide it into definitive sections (i.e. Use Cases, How It Works, etc).
  • Make sure the title is in proper casing; in English, the first letter of each word (except for the, an, on, etc) should be uppercase. This could be done by having one line formatted as # TITLE, where TITLE is the header name; the space after the # is mandatory.