Studio Setting: Allow a feature to name a instance before inserted to Explorer

As a Roblox developer, it is hard to change an instance’s name once you insert it to a service or parent in Explorer.

At the moment, I don’t find it suitable to name an instance (ex. ModuleScript, Configuration) right after I configure or meddle with the script as I have to press F2 (I’ll get into more detail) to change the name, I would like it where you could change a name of a script or folder before inserting it to the game.

A feature like this would be similar to Visual studio code, inserting a ‘New File’ (Script) and ‘New Folder’ (Folder) in any aspect of programming, allowing a feature + a setting like this to studio would benefit my workflow and ease while programming, some instances that should be affected would be:

  • Scripts
  • Folders (Configuration)
  • Remote / Bindable events
  • User prompts (ProximityPrompt)
  • Values

Usecase: Creating a ModuleScript: if you create a ModuleScript with the name testMod, code inside would look like:

local testMod = {}

return testMod --> ...and not the default 'module' everytime.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience so I wouldn’t have to press F2, rename through properties, and have ease when inserted and not think of a name afterward.


I agree with this! Especially this part:

This is also explicitly encouraged in the Roblox Lua style guide:

This will make following the style guide much easier for those who choose to.