Studio settings should save to cloud for account

I just reset my computer, and I had to redownload Roblox. The only problem is that none of my studio settings saved, and I had no backup either. This means I had to manually go through all my settings to set them back to approximately what they were before.

This shouldn’t happen. Roblox studio requires to be connected to cloud to run anyway, so why are studio settings not saved to the cloud for my account? If I buy a laptop and want to install Roblox studio, I should have seamless integration between desktop and laptop, and everything should pretty much look exactly the same with close to zero intervention.

Script editor colour settings are especially important, so why are they not saved to the cloud? It takes a lot of effort to set them back to the correct colours, and especially if you’re like me and you reset your computer (or your hard drive becomes corrupted) without making a backup, you don’t want to lose settings forever.


looks like a duplicate thread

Not really, since I’m asking it to be saved to the cloud and not via local file.

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The proposed solution is irrelevant – feature requests should focus on problems, not on proposed solutions.

These should be merged into one thread (and potentially titled more generically) to accumulate the most combined support for the problem to be resolved. They are about the same problem.

The solution is inherently part of the problem. That’s just how a feature request happens sometimes.

If the problem is my settings aren’t saved to the cloud (so that settings are saved and accessible no matter what device someone is accessing studio on), then the solution is inherently going to in the problem itself, and the solution is blindingly obvious, and that is to save it to the cloud.

The problem is that you are moving between devices and need to have your settings moved over. The problem between this thread and the linked thread above are one and the same.

The proposed solutions are irrelevant as per “how to post a feature request”.

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Closing this as duplicate of the above and merged your post there. Thanks for posting!