Studio Shortcuts / Hotkeys


Can we get a key to select locked parts? Has recently been requested as a feature.


Awesome. Appreciate it.


Ctrl + F6 - Microprofiler


Yeah, it looks like a few non-standard shortcuts (not in Customize Shortcuts) were missed:

Ctrl + F6: Open/Close Microprofiler
Ctrl + P: Pause/Resume Microprofiler


This link 404’d and I think it’s important that it either be updated or unpinned. Either or, I found this list of studio shortcuts / hotkeys by @2Hex on Twitter if anyone needs them:


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Device; Huawei P20 Lite
Android 8.0




Ctrl+W is my mortal enemy, the amount of times I’ve exited studio when I’m testing movement controls.


Looks like the page was moved to here. Please update it


I don’t see it in the picture, but Ctrl+Shift+C is probably the best thing that has happened to my scripting experience.

It’s a super quick way to comment/uncomment entire blocks of code, and have saved me probably hours now on debugging.


Thanks for this! This will definitely help me get better at studio.


Already new most of these, but it’s nice to have them all in one place, especially for beginners.


Thanks! I knew the common ones (Ctrl + Z, Contrl + R, etc.) but now I can make my time in studio easier knowing these shortcuts! :smiley:

Ctrl + S is one that I didn’t know and now that I know, maybe I’ll actually remember to save my place more often so I don’t lose anything if it crashes. (Because no one likes that)