Studio should handle tasks like publishing / inserting / auto-saving asynchronously


As a Roblox developer, it is currently tedious to insert items from the library or to publish games/models/etc, because Roblox Studio does not handle this asynchronously, but freezes up the entire window while the task is being completed.

Meanwhile, I cannot interact with Studio (moving my camera, continue scripting, or any other minor task you could think of) while the task is happening. This is very tedious, especially because uploading can take about 10-20 seconds for large places with lots of content (or when Roblox inevitably is experiencing service disruptions again), during which I’m just staring at my screen which interrupts my focus.

The application also freezes – Windows indicates that the application is not responding and whites it out while the operation is happening. This is obviously not desirable behavior either, the application should always stay responsive.

If Roblox were to make Studio process tasks more asynchronous and perhaps introduce the ability to run multiple in parallel, such as spawning the task of uploading a model / publishing a place off to a different thread, I could continue doing minor tasks while the task is being performed, and my workflow/focus wouldn’t be interrupted constantly (especially noticeable when I have to upload X items in sequence), and perhaps I could even complete my development work a little bit quicker.


Don't Autosave When I'm in the Middle of an Operation

Kinda wild that I’ve never even considered this change was an option because I’m so used to Studio freezing any time you do anything. This would be really nice.

On the same note, this issue causes certain small features to be useless. As an example, the “Cancel” button in the publish window does absolutely nothing. You can click on it all you want but once you’ve started publishing something, it’s going to publish (unless it errors), which is kinda scary.



Support. Every time (like right now) I publish my place I check the dev forums or something while I wait. I end up spending tons of time doing that before I go back.