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For the past week or two, it seems that every time Roblox Studio opens, it opens panes and even a pop-up window over the program. The Game Explorer is open every time for some reason, and something called Context Help is covering studio.

This never used to happen, and these windows are annoying obstructions every time I want to get busy and start working on something.

I expect studio to open in the same layout as It was when I last closed it, with the Game Explorer panel not open. I also don’t expect studio to prompt a popup window over studio that assumes that I need help.


Context Help is the special name for ‘here, have the wiki in-studio’.

I think I might have this issue with the game explorer, but nothing else right now.


The issue with context help is a known issue. Dock the window like the other widgets, then close it. It should stay that way. We’re working on a fix for this currently.

As for the Game Explorer, mine stays where it is and stays closed when I close it. What OS are you on? Is this a consistent issue? What are the repro steps for it?


Thanks, I’ll try that trick for the help context.

Game Explorer happens for both my work and home pc. I close it first thing when studio opens. Windows 7, and Windows 8 or 10 (I forgot which).


More details:

Game Explorer seems to only prompt open when hitting “Edit” from the website, and not when opening studio manually.


Ah, I see it now. It only opens for published places. I’ll add it to our bug list.


We are fixing the issue where Game Explorer just pops up every time you launch Studio.

Should be out next release.