Studio Test-Mode Game-Style Cursor Toggle

As a Roblox developer, I often use the “Play Solo” feature to test my game (Terminal Railways, etc), and the feature is really nice to have to test things.
Sometime I need to manipulate a brick or asset to diagnose an issue or see how something looks (move, rotate, select, etc) and once I use one of those tools I cannot revert back to the game-style mouse that doesnt try to select or move any parts.
Am I missing something or is this feature non-existent so far?


This feature is missing official support, but you can regain your mouse by either:

  • Selecting one of the other 3 tools and then deselecting them
    • In Edit mode this selects the select tool, but in Play Solo the default “tool” has changed to playermouse
  • Equipping a tool and then unequipping it

You can also select/deselect a plugin

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Thank you