Studio toolbox failing to load images

Opening the toolbox and searching for images or scrolling through your own images fails to load most of them and spams the output with errors


This happens to me every day. I try reloading studio 5 times in a row and the problem stays there.

I have the same issue but instead it happens to player profiles on the home page.


This is not happening for me. I have a macOS Catalina.

This is happening to me too, in studio, and on the website too!

Also happens with people’s icons on profiles, my own avatar in avatar editor and happens to some shirt, pants, t-shirt images and most of the costume images.

(And yes, that h, that is a shirt.)


Can confirm this is happening in general, no ones profiles are loading, any sort of website pictures aren’t loading.

Proof: image


I believe Roblox is having issues with their Image Loading System.

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I think this issue depends on the browser you’re using too, i am using a Microsoft Edge browser (Not currently on PC) and the site is fine for me.

These are the countries that are currently experiencing the bug. Just to make sure that this can be updated at anytime.

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Don’t know if it’s related but decals also aren’t loading in my game at all, in Studio. SurfaceGUI images appear to work, though.

Unfixed issue

Many scenarios that just make it harder to work with selecting image (decals specifically)

1 : Images are entirely rayed out (seems to be the preview of the auto bot detection ?

2 : White (unicolor) images cannot be seen even with a background other than white

they do load with the inspection fortunately.

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