Studio Toolbox Plugin Crashing

I’m having a problem in Studio. When I try to move the slider in the Toolbox to select longer audio files the plugin crashes and can’t be reopened until I relaunch Studio. I tested this with plugins disabled on a new file on both Mac and Windows.

Steps to Recreate

  • Open Studio with new file
  • Select View, then Toolbox to show the Toolbox window
  • Select Audio from the type menu
  • Click on the Filter icon in the search field
  • Move the slider to change the minimum audio length

The Toolbox window closes and I see the following errors in the Output window.


11:55:31.104 DataModel Loading - Studio
11:55:43.073 :arrow_forward: Error: attempt to call a nil value (x2) - Edit
11:55:43.073 builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Packages._Index.Scheduler.Scheduler.forks.SchedulerHostConfig.default:117:
------ Error caught by React ------
attempt to call a nil value
------ Error caught by React ------
builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Core.Components.SearchOptions.TimeTextBox:187 function willUpdate function updateClassInstance function updateClassComponent function beginWork
builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Packages._Index.Scheduler.Scheduler.forks.SchedulerHostConfig.default:81 function doWork
builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Packages._Index.Scheduler.Scheduler.forks.SchedulerHostConfig.default:104 function performWorkUntilDeadline

  • Edit
    11:55:43.073 Stack Begin - Studio
    11:55:43.073 Script ‘builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Packages._Index.Scheduler.Scheduler.forks.SchedulerHostConfig.default’, Line 117 - function performWorkUntilDeadline - Studio
    11:55:43.073 Stack End - Studio
    12:00:22.284 Baseplate auto-recovery file was created - Studio

System Information

  • Studio Version 0.592.0.5920587 (arm64)
  • Macbook Air M1
  • MacOS 13.5.1 (22G90)

Also tested on Windows with same result

  • Studio Version 0.592.0.5920587 (64bit)
  • HP Intel Core i5
  • Windows 10 Pro (19045.3324)

We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and we will update you when we have further information!

Thanks for the report!


Hi @fletc3her, thanks for the report!

This is a known bug in older versions of Studio. The latest release (0.594) should not experience this issue. Normally Studio should auto-update, so if that’s not working for you then you can head over to to install the latest version. After updating, could you see if this issue still occurs?



It looks like the latest version available to me is 593.
I can confirm that the length slider is working properly on that version.

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