Studio toolbox search should have item filtering

As a Roblox developer, It is currently too hard to search for something specific in the provided toolbox search system, I’d like to see an “item filtering” for the studio’s toolbox search, Let’s say, I’m searching for a specific script by the name of “Important”, when I search for “Important” in the toolbox, mostly what shows are useless part-on-part models that have nothing to do with what I’m searching for.

I’m thinking of adding a drop-down button somewhere near the search box, and when searching, you can select what specific item you’re searching for (Ex. Script, Model, Gui), also, when publishing/uploading an item, there should be an option for choosing what type of item you’re uploading, Let’s say, a developer decided to upload a gui to the Roblox website, during the publishing process, there should be an option saying what type of item are you publishing, and the developer would select “Gui”, then it’ll be easy for others to search for the item by just typing the item’s name and highlighting the “Gui” items from the “Item filtering drop-down button” in the toolbox.

I think it’s honestly a great idea and should be added.

How often do you use the toolbox?

Not very often, but it would be great to see the feature implemented and it would honestly help our new developers, and I love to enhance the new user’s experience, so thought this might be a great idea.

Of that time, how often are you unable to find what you need?

Very often, especially when I highlight “Most Taken”, “Favorites” and “Ratings”, always what shows on top are (mostly) outdated and broken popular models.

To what extent do you search the toolbox before determining you can’t find what you’re looking for?

I try to search for what I want, and I usually search from 3 up to 10 pages, and when I cross 10 pages, I give up.

Do you ever find the content you need? If so, how and where?

Yes, most of the times. It may take up to 5 pages of searching until I find what I exactly (or something close) to what I need.

What benefits would finding what you need to provide?

I’m not really that much of a free-modeler, but I’ll admit it, I use the toolbox, rarely, to find stuff that I can’t make or having an issue while making something similar to it.


Support. Although I would suggest expanding this request, since there are lots of things that need to be improved to the whole model uploading process and toolbox system (eg. better searching system, enforcing categories, more categories, better previews, code previewing system, ability to see descriptions, expanding the staff picks onto more categories and objects, asset grouping systems, the list goes on until we all die)

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